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Campaign optimization strategyInstall tracking codes in advance on different websites to track the ad performance and improve

BrandingWhen we make the materials for the posting ads, we more focus on real side instead of doing it in a commercial way, because we hope everyone can know the product and the story of this brand more.

PromotionWe will discuss the promotion period and type of material suggested with our clients. We use attractive keyword to attract more users.

Increase conversionWe use 3rd party analytic tool to analyze the ad performance according to the age, location, targeted audience, product and many more, so that we can optimize the ads and achieve client’s target.

Promoting platformWe keep an eyes to observe the performance by fb system, and we optimize the ads in real time, it can help us to have more traffic, and enhance the impression of our platform and features to customers.

Increase interaction and engagementWe can increase the fan’s interaction and engagement with the brand. Brand can also retain their fan base.

Ads performance

Cost Per Click :RM0.28 (Rate:1:7)

Repurchase rate :60%

Conversion Rate :Increased 5 times

Click Through Rate: Increased 3.5 times

Traffice: Increased 3 times

Repurchase rate :50%

Conversion Rate :6 times

Click Through Rate: Increased 3.5 times

New customer Rate: 60%%

Total Spending : RM11,428 (Rate:1:7)

Revenue RM85,715 (Rate: 1:7)

Return On Investment: 13%

New customer Rate: 60%

Total Spending : RM85,715 (Rate:1:7)

Revenue RM44,285 (Rate: 1:7)

Return On Investment: 19%

Total Spending : RM1,860 (Rate:1:7)

Revenue: RM10,860 (Rate: 1:7)

Return On Investment: 18%


Total Spending : RM5,300 (Rate:1:7)

Revenue: RM18,570 (Rate: 1:7)

Return On Investment: 28%


Total impressions of 2016: 1,017,107,535

Increased Traffic,Decreased Advertising cost through Revenue,Improved performance

From inner to outer, value up yourself!


We cooperated with many customer and helped them to grow, we can see huge difference from how our client deliver their brand faith, find potential customers with different ad schedule or device setting, it really has huge difference on the customers, when they shop. With our professional strategy, you will know how we help you to improve and optimize the ads performance.

Strategy of Tsai Mon

We deliver your product from main value of your brand, from inner to outer, with our sincerness. We believe it can let you find your potential customer who identify your product. And we adjust the bidding of devices from analyzing the history data, to provide you the best performance.

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