Facebook Advertising

Likes Ads

Likes Ads Objective

Likes Ad

Using artwork and texts to attract more people to like the brand page. This is to show the brand value and retain fan base. The popular the brand is, the more fans they can get.

Case studies

Like ads require effective and right artwork to carry out the brand value. We help our clients to figure out what kind of artwork is the best for them.

Real result

Optimized from 10 - 14 TWD to 5 - 8 TWD

Advertisment Result

1st month cost reduced by 30%

Long term cost reduced by 50%

Achieve our goal! Improve like ads performance

Customer feedback

After my campaign been optimized by Tsai Yi, our ads not only received more likes, our sales have also increased tremendously.

Our strategy

Using different variation of image, video and content, monitoring the performance and traffic from time to time and make changes to improve.

Likes Ad example

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