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Video Ads

How do we make video adsWe will take a video of us using the product. Demonstrating the function and feature in detail by adding story into it. Then we will edit the video and make changes according to different target audiences.

Campaign OptimizationA.    Average cost per view decreased by 3.23 times
B.    Like, Comment and Share increased by 6.7 times
C.    Conversion increased by 5 times

How do we optimize campaignWe will install Facebook pixel before launching the ads, and we have our own back-end system to analyze the performance, this makes us to boost our campaign performance.

Video Advertisment Result

Average cost per view: MYR 0.14

Purchase rate of new customer: 70%

Conversion rate: 2 times higher

Advertisement click through rate: 8 times higher

Constantly optimizing! Increase the impact of fans influences

Customer feedback

After my campaign been optimized by Tsai Yi, my ads no longer showing to unrelated people. This can prevent my ads from targeting wrong audience. This can actually increase the conversion rate as people who sees my ads are the right audience.

Tsai Yi strategy

Tsai Yi constantly adding more unrelated group of people into exclusion to improve the accuracy of the targeting method. This can also prevent budget wastage. And we will target our loyal fans, trigger them to click the ads, increase the conversion rate.

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